Ninebot Zing A6 eScooter


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With a design built on top-tier safety, the Ninebot ZING A6 is the perfect first scooter for kids to learn balance and agility while staying endlessly entertained. First gear is perfect for beginners, with a maximum speed of 5 mph. After getting comfortable move up to second gear which has a maximum speed of 6.2 mph, and then finally third gear which offers the fastest ride with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph.

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Constructed of a tough, yet lightweight, high-carbon steel
Easily change gears by tapping the foot brake twice while at a standstill
Battery indicators let you know when it is time to recharge
White-Battery is equal to or more than 10%
Red-Battery is under 10% (may also indicate the ZING hasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t been activated or there is an abnormality)
Ambient lights on the side of the footboard shine brightly while powered on.
Dimensions: 25.6\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” x 12.6\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” x 33.5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” (650mm x 320mm x 850mm)
Net Weight: 10.1 lbs (4.6 kg)
Max Rider Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)
Recommended Ages: 4-8
Recommended Height: 3\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’5\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”-4\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’7\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” (105-140cm)
Speed Modes: First-gear: 5.0 mph (8 km/h), Second-gear: 6.2 mph (10 km/h), Third-gear: 7.5 mph (12 km/h)
Range: 3.1 miles (5 km)
Traversable Terrain: Flat surface, paved road
Operating Temperature: 14-104°F (-10-40°C)
Storage Temperature: -4-122°F (-20-50°C); 41-86°F (5-30°C)